Pad printing accessories and consumables for optimum printing results

At TAMPOPRINT, we understand ourselves to be a full-service provider. We have specialized in the precise interaction of our machines with all system components in the printing process - for perfect printing results for our customers. Pad printing accessories such as clichés, printing inks, printing pads or ink/doctoring cups are an important component of our development activities at TAMPOPRINT. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know down to the last detail how the nature of a product can be brought into perfect harmony with the adhesion and viscosity of the printing medium and the nature of the cliché, as well as the properties of the printing pad and ink. This process expertise gives us the opportunity to make various adjustments to increasingly complex applications. In this way, we achieve the best results for our customers, even with the most challenging tasks.



Pad printing inks

We guide you through the choice of inks from A to Z. Whether from our standard inks or special inks portfolio, we will mix the right ink shade for you. Our know-how enables us to find the right ink for every application.


Pad printing clichés

Whether line or screen, we have all types of clichés in our portfolio - from unprocessed to ready-to-print clichés. Since our clichés are developed and produced by us, we can optimally match them to the pad printing process.


Printing pads

In our immense standard printing pad portfolio, there is a suitable solution for almost every application. If no suitable pad shape is available, we will create a printing pad perfectly matched to thesubstrate you want to print.


Ink/doctoring cups

We offer a wide range of ink/doctoring cups in 3 designs: aluminium, plastic and stainless steel – with diameters of Ø 30 mm to Ø 210 mm.

Pad printing accessories

Auxiliary materials

Thanks to our many years of experience and process expertise, we know how essential it is for all process components to work in perfect harmony to achieve ideal print results. We can also supply you with the right process accessories.

Pad printing accessories in cliché production

Laser machines for cliché production

Our state-of-the-art laser machines perfect cliché production with unsurpassed accuracy and efficiency. Rely on our technology to provide your products with razor-sharp and consistent clichés and take your production to the next level.


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