What is a print-laser combination?

For us, the print-laser combination means the combination of both marking processes in one product marking. Whether combined in one process or individually one after the other in two processes - ultimately a combined product marking is created by the use of pad printing and laser marking. We have two different combination variants: Print-laser combination and laser-print combination.

Laser marking and pad printing combined
Pad printing process preparation
Print motif variation

How does the Print-Laser Combination work?

When it comes to the product marking combination, we distinguish between two variants. This distinction depends on the order of the product marking methods used. The application plays the decisive role in the choice of variant.

Print-Laser Combination

First, the product with the desired motif is printed by pad printing and then the applied ink is removed selectively with the laser. If there are several layers of ink on top of each other, the laser removes the top layer of ink and the underlying layer becomes visible. In this way, translucent products that are backlit, such as in the automotive sector (day-night design), can also be created. Furthermore, the print-laser combination is ideal for rapidly changing numbers, symbols or batch numbers in a printing process. By removing the ink layer by laser, for example, serial numbers of complete production lines can be realized.

Laser-Print Combination

First, the product is engraved with the laser. The product surface is roughened according to the printed image. Subsequently, the roughened area is printed precisely by means of pad printing. The laser-printing combination is most often used on metallic surfaces and is used for optimum ink adhesion of the pad printing ink.

Our automations offer the possibility to combine the marking combination in one process. The register setting between laser and print is excellently realized, because the printed material is not removed from the workpiece carrier during the entire process. Our application engineering department carries out a detailed analysis of the task set, determines all process requirements and develops the best possible procedure for your marking combination process in an automation.

Our print-laser combination processes

Laser-Print Combination

  • Pre-treatment for high printing ink resistance
  • Optimum pad printing process preparation
  • Laser and pad printing combined in a marking process
More informations about laser-print combination

Print-Laser Combination

  • Ideal for fast-changing motifs
  • Pad printing and laser combined in a marking process
  • Combined marking process in one automation possible
  • Regardless of the material's laser marking capability
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